Project Leadership

Identifying, Communicating With, and Influencing Project Stakeholders


“If your vision exceeds the resources that you possess, then you must lead.” – Sue Gordon, Principle Deputy Director of National Intelligence. This is the best definition of leadership that I’ve ever heard and it relates perfectly to Project Leadership. As a project manager, you’ll seldom possess the resources needed to complete the project, therefore you must develop the leadership skills necessary to successfully communicate with and influence the stakeholders that control the resources you need. This program focuses on the leadership skills and tools that will allow you to identify, effectively communicate with, and influence the project’s stakeholders. This program can be done in a half-day or full-day format.

Learning Objectives

  • Managing versus leading a project
  • Identify the project’s stakeholders
  • Perform a stakeholder analysis
  • Clarify stakeholder roles and responsibilities
  • Determine communication requirements
  • Develop a communications plan
  • Create strategies that effectively influence stakeholders
  • Build and lead a project team (full-day program)
  • Make project decisions (full-day program)
  • Run project meetings (full-day program)


Identifying and Analyzing Stakeholders
Creating a stakeholder checklist
Using a Power/Interest Grid to analyze stakeholders
How stakeholders define success
Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities
Creating a project R-A-C-I
Identifying individual stakeholder strengths
Communicating with Stakeholders
Creating a communication plan
Managing stakeholder expectations
Influencing Stakeholders
Analyzing project stakeholders needs
Using currencies of exchange to influence
Creating an influence strategy
Building a Project Team
Avoiding the five dysfunctions of a team
Identifying the stages of team development
Making Project Decisions
Identifying who should decide
Framing the decision
Running Project Meetings