Advanced Skills for Managing Projects


This one-day program focuses on taking a more in-depth look at advanced skills necessary to effectively manage a project and is offered as a follow-up to the two-day Essential Skills for Managing Projects program. This program places more emphasis on the ability of participants to connect key skills and techniques they learned in the Essential Skills program to practical situations they’re likely to experience in a real-world project. Throughout the day, participants will work together in teams to execute the learning exercises. One of the key take-aways from this program is how the various project management tools can be used to make more effective decisions during a project.


Brief Review of Essential Skills Key Learning Objectives
Value of a Project Charter
Triple constraints
Value of the Work Breakdown Structure
Steps to build a legitimate schedule
Time Management
Methods for calculating the critical path
Determining and using float
Crashing a project for the least cost
Resource Management
Leveling and smoothing resources
Creating a resource calendar
Managing Multiple Projects
Key questions to ask in a multiple project environment
Team Exercise – Creating a Project Schedule for a Client
90-minute, hands-on exercise on the application of project tools