Making Great Decisions

Google spent years studying what makes effective managers and found ten key behaviors. One of those key behaviors is “strong decision maker”. Click here to read about Google’s study. Gallup’s new book – It’s The Manager – also identifies making great decisions as one of the two non-negotiable traits of a leader.


What shapes an individual’s career and life, and defines them as a leader? Their decisions. Just like an individual’s success is shaped by their decisions, so is the success of an organization. When was the last time you or your team sat down and evaluated the lessons learned from either a great decision or a bad decision? Whether it’s decisions about how to integrate change, who to hire, how to grow, or how to best market a new product/service – every opportunity seized or missed is the result of a decision that someone makes. What does it take to make great decisions? Managers, employees, and teams are constantly making and implementing decisions, but few examine the process and assess the quality of their decisions. In today’s business environment, the impact of a poorly made decision can be costly. On the other hand, a great decision can produce results that will move an organization forward. This one-day program gives participants the process and tools for making great decisions.

This program utilizes group exercises, movie clips, real-world examples and a team case study to help participants analyze and improve their decision-making skills.

How participants will benefit

  • be more decisive and minimize uncertainty when making risky decisions
  • efficiently implement decisions
  • effectively analyze, articulate and draw conclusions with greater clarity
  • learn to lead others through the decision making process
  • commit to their decisions and create buy-in from others

What Participants will learn

  • four styles of decision making and when to use them
  • the six important elements of a great decision making process
  • the role of intuition in making decisions
  • how to better manage group decision making processes
  • tools and techniques that facilitate decision making
  • how to determine the return on a decision
  • how to recognize and avoid common hidden traps in decision making